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No Tricks, Just Treats: 6 Tips to Remember for Safely Spookifying Homes for Halloween


As Halloween quickly creeps around the corner, Service Master Restore is delivering essential fire safety tips for homeowners to ensure a safe spooky celebration. NFPA data shows Halloween decorations caused 790 home fires (2015-2019). 45% were due to proximity to heat, with candles causing one-third, totaling $13M in annual property damage.

Here’s a list of invaluable Halloween safety tips that every homeowner should follow:

Decoration Safety:

  1. Prevent fire hazards during Halloween by exclusively using battery-operated candles or LED lights for jack-o-lanterns and decorations, minimizing the risk associated with traditional candles.
  2. Prevent fires by keeping flammable materials away from fire sources like fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, candles, and outdoor fire pits.
  3. Make sure inflatable decorations are secured properly and kept away from sources of ignition. 

Yard Maintenance

To ensure the safety of trick-or-treaters: 

  1. Remove Debris: Clear yards of leaves, sticks, and other debris to minimize tripping hazards for visitors.
  2. Check Exterior Lighting: Ensure all exterior lights, including path lights and Halloween decorations, are in working order to provide a well-lit and safe environment.
  3. Secure Steps and Railings: Verify that steps and railings are secure to prevent accidents and fall during the Halloween festivities.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!