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Sensory Toys Continue to Dominate the Toy World

Sensory still dominates in toy land! I can totally see why they are so popular. They entertain quietly and encourage touch, with gently sounds and relaxing movement. I love giving sensory toys as gifts to both kids and adults.  

From the company that brought you the LetsGlow Studio and DoodleJamz comes the extension of their hit lines GooToobz and DoodleJamz!

The new GooToobz Sips and GooToobz Gamers are a line of transparent, sensory tubes filled with a satisfying mix of goo, glitter and beads - super on trend! GooToobz Sips are designed to look just like favorite trending drinks like Bubble Tea, Milk Shake and fizzy Soda Pop! GooToobz Gamers are designed to replicate classic video game controllers. Both are available on Amazon

Simply squish either end of your GooToobz to feel, listen and watch the liquids move back and forth - a triple sensory experience unlike any other! 

I love the sounds and movement of the fluids in the GooToobz.  They’re perfect for taking on trips and fit easily into a backpack or purse, so you can take one out while traveling to keep your child entertained.

The popular DoodleJamz line of squish ’n shape drawing pads have now joined the Marvel universe! Designed to look like the iconic Spiderman, Iron Man and Hulk, these drawing pads are filled with gel and beads sealed inside for incredible tactile, creative play! They feature a uniquely colored gel and combination of soft bead colors along with backer cards reflecting some of the most exciting poses and faces of your favorite Marvel Superheroes! Also available on Amazon!  I was so excited when I saw these.  Kids are gonna love them and they make a fun stocking stuffer! They’re so fun to squish and create with.