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The Power of Elderberry Herbal Supplements


Whenever my husband and I are starting to feel like we are coming down with something, or before, we always take Elderberry and Zinc.  We love how each of them support our immune systems and how much better they make us feel.  

This is the time of year when allergies and colds are brutal, so having good quality immune products on hand are great for immune defense.

I was sent two elderberry immune samples from Carmel Berry, including their honey and lemon, and their honey and cinnamon herbal supplements. These products taste wonderful, and I’ve started using them immediately to help support my immune system, as the flu season has already began.

Did you know that over 95% of elderberry products in the US are dried imported berries not Carmel Berry, their fresh elderberries are sourced directly from farmers in the United States with minimal heat and maximum potency. They have a wonderful flavor.

These syrups are not only good to take by tablespoon, but are also great for making cocktails, mocktails, shortcakes, popsicles, salad dressings and more! Check out some of their recipes at

I love that Carmel Berry promotes healthy, sustainable communities, and helps to support new elderberry growers with grants and mentorship.

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Put the Power of Fresh Pressed Elderberry in Your Wellness Kit!

Fresh pressed means elderberry juice (not water) is our first ingredient and super minimal heat is applied. The result? The most delicious, pure and potent elderberry out there (Hello, 10,200mg per serving)! Plus, we source our berries straight from American farmers (no imported berries allowed!).

  • A whopping 10,200 mg organic elderberry per serving
  • Zero refined sugars (lightly sweetened with California Honey and Cinnamon)
  • No water, preservatives, or thickeners
  • Fresh pressed elderberries, never dried, never imported
  • Promotes year-round immune support!*
Savings Alert!

From black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can receive 20% off your purchases on the Carmel Berry website. Be sure to check out their gift bundles and corporate gift bundles.

Carmel Berry is a woman owned, WBEC-certified, California-made, and farmer-focused company. You can purchase and learn more about their products by visiting or following on social media @CarmelBerryCo