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Upcycle Your Leftover Halloween Candy

This is such a fun idea! With so much candy and wrappers collected over Halloween week, parents are left with bins of candy lasting months into the winter season. The wrapper collected can easily be transformed into fun and stylish jewelry while teaching kids the value of upcycling-- and with more adventure is available with the candy, making fabulous 'snacklaces and bracelets! 


Handmade and built from a heritage in jewelry design spanning 14 years, Seville believes that sharing creativity through her program fosters happiness for a better and brighter community. Producing Candy Jewelry Workshops with the Los Angeles Public Library, servicing all 72 locations throughout the year! Also, participating in STEM festival with the City of LA, sharing this imaginative activity alongside technology, science, and math.

Celebrities have long embraced Seville’s jewelry and programs as well.  Seville's mission with the program is to curate interactive and inspiring spaces that engage, challenge, and entertain. This perfect on-air activity is bright, fun, eye-catching, perfect for a segment leading up to Halloween!


Learn More On Her Website | Check Out Her Instagram


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