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Birthright Outlaw on Pure Flix October 13



Many thanks to Great American Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

I love a good western.  This movie had such a deep meaning for me.  It reassured  me that when life seems to be at its lowest point, we should always search for HOPE in the Lord and trust in his goodness and mercy.  Something good always comes out of something bad when your heart is in the right place for the right reason.

Last Chance, Arizona is as far off the beaten path as you can go. For some folks, this out-of-the-way frontier town is just what they’re looking for. 


While Pastor Jeremiah Jacobs wonders if Hope, his teenage daughter, might need better opportunities found elsewhere, his wife Martha believes Last Chance is the best place for her family. So, with the help of the townspeople, including Sheriff William Bridges and his wife Bonnie, Jeremiah is ready to put down permanent roots and begin building a sanctuary for their small-town church.  


That all changes late one night when the dreaded House Gang rides into town and kidnaps Hope. The outlaws have targeted the family—looking to shine a light on Martha’s dark, hidden past.


With Hope gone and her parents ready to go rescue her, the sheriff comes alongside and … arrests Martha, a long-time fugitive. Having seemingly nowhere to turn, Pastor Jeremiah’s desperation gets the best of him and with the help of the sheriff’s wife, he breaks Martha out of jail. 


As they begin a desperate journey to find Hope, the couple must face long-buried truths, double-crossed bounty hunters, and the most-dreaded outlaw gang in the Wild West—run by Martha’s father, “The King of Hearts.”


After half-a-lifetime of running and living a lie, Martha must decide which family she’ll fight for—and what she truly believes.


A movie for the whole family, BIRTHRIGHT OUTLAW is an old-fashioned Western with a twist of fate—and faith. BIRTHRIGHT OUTLAW stars Sarah Drew (MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, “Grey’s Anatomy”), Lucas Black (LEGACY PEAK, “NCIS: New Orleans”), and Olivia Sanabia (“Just Add Magic”).

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Cast List: Lucas Black (LEGACY PEAK, “NCIS: New Orleans”), Sarah Drew (MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, INDIVISIBLE, “Grey’s Anatomy”), Jeff Fahey, Olivia Sanabia, Aaron Burns Director

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