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Cook Like a Pro with These Great Brands


Cooking like a pro this fall is a breeze with chef-inspired brands that elevate your cooking experience. Brands like Coutelier NOLA offer finely crafted knives, while Wildfire Grills provides top-notch outdoor cooking equipment for the perfect autumn barbeque. Whether you grill, bake, or cook these brands bring the expertise of culinary professionals right to your kitchen.


Coutelier NOLA

Price: Varies

Coutelier NOLA has all the kitchen tools you need to cook like a chef.  Knives, Tweezers (Ditch the tongs for these versatile and precise tools), Grilling Skewers, Serving Spoons, Spatulas, and more.  All are curated by Chef and Restaurant Owner Jacqueline Blanchard whose resume includes French Laundry & Bouchon in Napa Valley.  She is now the owner of sukeban in NOLA. The brand has become a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks seeking top-tier kitchen tools.

Mike’s Curry Love

Price: $5.00

Available on Amazon, Walmart

Mike’s Curry Love was founded by celebrity chef Mike Johnston. With a passion for culinary excellence. Mike has curated a line of authentic and flavorful curry curry sauces that have gained popularity worldwide. His commitment to using high-quality ingredients and his culinary expertise have made Mike’s Curry Love a go-to choice for those seeking a delicious curry to try. Link to recipes here.


Price: $52.00 (4 Packs)

Available on Amazon, Walmart

The founders of EatPastry, who attended the French Culinary Institute in New York City  (now the International Culinary Center), brought their culinary expertise to the world of vegan baking. Their education and dedication to crafting delicious plant-based desserts led to the creation of a diverse range of cookie doughs. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made their brand a top choice for vegans and dessert enthusiasts alike. Link to recipes here.

 Sauce Goddess

Price: $9.00

Available on Amazon

Sauce Goddess’ dedication to unique flavor profiles and quality ingredients has earned them recognition from industry experts and food lovers. From zesty barbeque sauces to versatile spice blends, Sauce Goddess continues to elevate dishes with its award-winning line of culinary creations. Link to recipes here.


Wildfire Grills

Price: Varies

Wildfire Outdoor Living was born out of RPG Brands which has been a staple for innovative products. The release of its revolutionary black stainless steel trim is disrupting the grilling game along with oversized aesthetics and premium functionality at a competitive price point. It is the first to market line of outdoor products with innovation and modern designs appealing to today’s consumers. One of the top reviewers of grills, Embers Living recently ranked Wildfire the No. 1 premium grill in the space, raving about the spring-assisted hood, nice belly bar, black stainless steel, and laser-cut cooking grates. The Wildfire Ranch Pro beat out grilling heavyweights like Blaze, Hestan, and DCS.