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Gifts for Healthy Living

Looking for some great gift and stocking stuffer ideas for your family and friends who enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Check out these quality brands! They can be enjoyed any time of the year, not just for the holidays.

1. BioLift - BioLift is a focus drink crafted with natural ingredients. Their formula improves cognitive performance and focus by up to 20% within minutes and without raising heart rate or blood pressure or creating tolerance over time. You can find out more about their product here:


2. Dignity Coconuts - Premium coconut-based products that end slavery made with raw coconut oil:    

I love this brand for so many reasons.  Not only do they sell top quality coconut oil for cooking and beauty purposes, but they also use sustainable practices  which is very important to me. 


3. CENTR - CENTR Enhanced is formulated with both nootropics and adaptogens that support an enhanced mood, stress relief, a healthy gut, better immune function, and increased focus and memory. The combination of so many benefits from natural ingredients and a great tasting citrus flavor differentiate CENTR Enhanced from other brands in this category. You can find out more about CENTR's products here: 


4. Drink Cusa - The best "instant" tea & coffee around. Award winning coffee & teas for busy people using ingredients you know: 

I received a sampler pack of Cusa Tea and Coffee.  They’re so perfect to throw in my purse or desk drawer for a quick pick me up.  They can be enjoyed hot or cold and have some awesome flavors that taste amazing!


5. Humble Chips - Organic potato chips, organic & BPI certified compostable bags. Read more at:


6. Prospector Popcorn - Gourmet popcorn that employs people with disabilities. We believe this is a great product, and Prospector Popcorn is more than just a gourmet popcorn brand, but one that provides competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities. You can find out more about Prospector Popcorn here:

This is by far my favorite popcorn brand. They have awesome flavors that they are always adding, they have an amazing practice of employing persons with disabilities and their product is very good quality. 


7. Sarge's Sauce: Delicious southern shrimp and grits sauce. The first and only dedicated shrimp & grits sauce already made for you! It's easy to use - just add chicken broth & shrimp.Please find more info here:


9. Veriphy Skin Care - Committed to ethical beauty, Veriphy crafts clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products using all-natural ingredients, reflecting a dedication to quality and sustainability. You can read more about Veriphy and their products here: 


10. Bottle Bib - The Bottle Bib is a hands-free accessory that transforms feeding time and daily tasks for parents and caregivers. Its innovative design securely holds bottles, training cups, and food pouches, preventing them from falling onto unsanitary surfaces. By enabling hands-free feeding, the Bottle Bib empowers parents to attend to other tasks without compromising their baby's comfort and safety. The Bottle Bib is available for direct purchase online through their website:


11. Wild Zora - Gluten-free, paleo friendly meals snacks, cereals, soups, quinoa bowls, meat and veggie bars, outdoor adventure meals, organic fruits and vegetables, sustainable meats, gluten-free, non-GMO, high protein, Made in Colorado, women owned business. You can find out more info here: 

12. Arden's Garden -Refreshing and nutritious cold-pressed juices from a female-founded company based in Atlanta. Their products are geared towards health and wellness and made from ingredients that you know and love. They do not use preservatives, concentrates or take any shortcuts. Read more here:


13. Revol Snax: The go-to choice for health-conscious individuals and families in search of delicious, sugar-free, and highly nutritious snacks. With a strong commitment to quality and wellness, Discover their range of wholesome snacks and nut butters at