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How To Properly Prepare Lawns & Gardens For Winter


October is a time of excitement and anticipation. Halloween is almost here, closely followed by Thanksgiving and the December holiday season. But for our lawns, October can be a time of fear and dread given the unfortunate reality that millions of people are simply not sure how best to prepare their yards for winter.


Worse still, many homeowners and property managers fall prey to several common erroneous myths around this time every year. Prime among these are the belief that plants all perish during the winter months when in fact they’re dormant but very much alive; or that lawns should only be fertilized during the spring, when in fact one of the best times to fertilize is during the fall and winter months before snowfall. 


Proper Lawn Winterizing With Live Earth Products                                                              

Fortunately, Live Earth Products ( offers the gold standard in cold weather lawn protection: 8-2-4 fertilizer.

8-2-4 provides everyone from lawn maintenance professionals, landscape designers and property owners to first-time homeowners with a perfectly balanced blend of humate soil conditioners as well as nitrogen that’s ideal for landscapes requiring less phosphorus and potassium. 

More specifically, 8-2-4’s unique blend of quick and slow-release nitrogen makes this carbon balanced fertilizer a true must-have for anyone anxious to make sure their lawns are properly cared for during the colder months and ideally positioned to return to their full glory in spring.

Mined from an ancient plant deposit in Utah, Live Earth humates increase tolerance to abiotic stress in grasses and keep microelements available even at low temperatures. 

Live Earth Products’ 8-2-4 lawn winterizing fertilizer is sold through garden distributors throughout the U.S. Call (435) 286-2222 or visit for more info.