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Miracle in East Texas Only in Theaters October 29 and 30


"Miracle in Texas" is an inspiring American tale based on true events, delving into the world of entrepreneurship and redemption. It narrates the astonishing story of the largest oil strike in US history, a narrative that brings together history, oil, and the power of forgiveness. For homeschoolers, this film provides an excellent educational opportunity to learn about Texas history, entrepreneurship, and even delve into some mathematics, all while being captivated by a story filled with hope and redemption. Sorbo Studios offers a valuable resource for homeschooling parents, with a free downloadable curriculum available at, making it a valuable addition to the educational journey of students.

Moreover, "Miracle in Texas" is not just a movie; it's a powerful message about forgiveness and its blessings. With a free downloadable discussion guide for book groups available at, it encourages thoughtful conversations and reflections. 

The film features a talented cast, including Kevin Sorbo, who also directs, John Ratzenberger, Lou Gossett Jr., and Tyler Mane. Produced by CC mom Sam Sorbo and featuring CC homeschool graduate Braeden Sorbo, "Miracle in Texas" is another testament to Sorbo Studios' commitment to producing films that uplift and entertain, while leaving audiences with valuable life lessons. I truly enjoyed this film.

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