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Pepper Pong is a Fun Indoor Alternative to Pickle Ball


With colder temperatures quickly approaching, the end of pickleball season in many parts of the US is near. Fortunately, pickleball players can continue to play inside this winter thanks to a new game called Pepper Pong that is similar to pickleball, but quieter and can be set up anywhere! 

In fact, pickleball professionals like Paris Todd are already using it in the convenience of their home to stay sharp for next season. For example, here’s a video of a kitchen counter instantly becoming playable.

The way the game works is simple. After setting up the free standing fence, players use specially designed rackets (called “mullets”) to hit a uniquely designed Nerf-like ball (called “precious jewels”) over the fence to score points. The learning curve is low enough that anyone can play, yet is still challenging enough to create long, competitive rallies to keep your skills sharp.

I was sent a set to try out and immediately loved the game. I have limited mobility due to knee issues and can’t play pickle ball, but this game is a perfect alternative for me and I can take it anywhere I travel. It comes in a convenient travel case, with everything I need to play.

This makes such a great gift for everyone! It’s perfect for college dorms, kids, adults and even for camping!

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