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The Canterville Ghost in Theaters October 20th



Starring Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Freddie Highmore, Emily Carey, David Harewood, Meera Syal, Miranda Hart, with Toby Jones and Imelda Staunton

Exclusively in Theaters October 20, 2023

Animation | Comedy | UK | 94 minutes | Rated PG


Distributors: Blue Fox Entertainment & Shout! Studios

Directed by: Kim Burdon

Co-Directed by: Robert Chandler

Written by: Keiron Self & Giles New (Screenplay), Oscar Wilde (original story)

Produced by: Robert Chandler, Gina Carter

Starring: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Freddie Highmore, Emily Carey, David Harewood, Meera Syal, Miranda Hart, w/ Toby Jones and Imelda Staunton





Logline: Join us on an Oscar Wilde adventure where... being scary is not what it used to be!

Synopsis: As the nineteenth gives way to the twentieth century and scientific invention brings forth new ways of traversing and seeing the world, a modern American family moves into their recently purchased, country home, Canterville Chase, in England, only to find it is haunted by a ghost. Sir Simon de Canterville has been haunting the grounds of Canterville Chase successfully for over three hundred years, but he meets his match when he tries to scare out the new arrivals.

I received a screener to review this movie.  It is filled with adventure, thrills, spooks and a few twists I didn’t expect! 

When an American family moves into the residence of the Late Lord Canterville, they get a little more than the home. The home is haunted by Lord Canterville himself.   Though he tries unrelentlessly to frighten them away, the family is captivated by the spirit. 

This movie has a great story line, much like the book. I loved the ending of this movie.  This movie blends creativity, horror and humor. I think it is best suited for preteen and up as some scenes can be a little spooky for little ones.