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The Holidays Never Tasted Better


Just in time for National Dessert Day October 14, Halloween and the holiday season come two delectable new cake mixes from Phyllis Ann's (described below): Pumpkin Morning Cake and Sweet Potato Pound Cake. 

Phyllis Ann’s Family Recipes Come to Life in Easy-to-Make Cake and Cookie Mixes That Bring Families Together Over the Holidays
Make mouthwatering family desserts this Thanksgiving

COLUMBUS, OH (OCTOBER, 2023) – Cooking at home with family has been shown to nurture physical health and develop cultural and family bonds, and there’s no better time to come together than over Thanksgiving.[1][2] From mouthwatering cakes and cookies to seasonings, rice and breading, Phyllis Ann’s Family Recipes is making it simple —and delicious— to spend time with family in the kitchen. Featuring 38 boxed recipes based on the home recipes of Family Chef Phyllis Ann Carter like holiday favorite Southern Pound Cake, Phyllis Ann’s is bringing families together this holiday season.

I received a sample of Phyllis Ann’s Southern Pound Cake Mix.  It is so delicious. It has that homemade taste that I love. I can see why it’s so popular.  I can’t wait to try the other mixes available on their website. I really wanna try the new Pumpkin Morning Cake. That sounds like a perfect dessert to serve during the upcoming holiday season. 

Phyllis Ann’s is a family brand through and through. The company’s popular boxed mixes are based on the beloved recipes of Phyllis Ann, whose children created a packaged food company to share these with all. Phyllis Ann would cook extensive feasts for her family’s holiday gatherings, with dessert being a favorite course. Each of her four children had their favorite cake — Rich German Chocolate for Tanikia and Antonio, Strawberry for Kathy, and Carrot for Rodrigues.

In 2020, her children decided it was time to share their mother’s beloved recipes with the world. Since, Katherine, Tanikia, Rodrigues, Antonio, Rodrigues’ wife Nicole, and Antonio’s wife Dawanna have built Phyllis Ann’s Recipes into a booming food brand, selling and sampling Phyllis Ann’s popular boxed mixes at their Polaris Center storefront in Columbus, Ohio and online at Now, anyone can share Phyllis Ann’s famous cakes and cookies with their family and friends. These delectable, boxed desserts delight guests with stunning flavors without the stress of preparing everything from scratch, making them the perfect finale to a holiday meal.

Phyllis Ann’s offers premade cake and cookie mixes based on beloved homemade recipes. With the addition of just a few wet ingredients, such as butter, eggs, and milk, Phyllis Ann’s allows home cooks to make decadent, crowd-pleasing desserts with little effort.

Phyllis Ann’s delicious dessert mixes include:
• Chocolate Cake Mix
• Gourmet Carrot Cake Mix                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           • Southern Pound Cake Mix
• Lemon Cake Mix                    
• Strawberry Cake Mix
• Pumpkin Morning Cake Mix
• Pineapple Cake Mix
• Vanilla Cake Mix
• Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Mix
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
• Double Chocolate Chip Brookie Mix

Fun fact: Their cookies are so popular for holiday entertaining, that the siblings call them the “comeback cookies,” because anyone who buys them comes back for more.

For foodies who want to explore Phyllis Ann’s more extensive line, they also offer breading mixes, Willie Roy’s Southern Chicken Fry Mix, Willie Roy’s Southern Fish Fry, seasoned rice collection, pancake and waffle mix, seasonings, and seasonal products.  

Phyllis Ann's CEO Katherine Carter-Sylva

About Phyllis Ann’s Family Recipes

Phyllis Ann Carter has been creating her famous homemade dishes and desserts for her family for decades. In 2020, her children decided it was time to share their mother’s beloved recipes with the world. Since, Katherine, Tanikia, Rodrigues, and Antonio have built Phyllis Ann’s Recipes into a booming food brand, selling at their Columbus, OH storefront and online at The company offers 38 SKUs of delectable, boxed dishes and seasonings, based on homemade recipes, that are convenient and easy to make. Bring delicious meals from Phyllis Ann’s kitchen to yours. For more info, please visit