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Time Lock 2: BY "Columbo" & "Mission: Impossible" Writer Howard Berk


The presidential election of 2024 has our nation divided, but the election of 2032 may prove far more consequential when the new Commander in Chief decides to abandon morality and international law to approve the development of a new genetic weapon for use on the battlefield in "TimeLock 2: The Kyoto Conspiracy," a novel out today co-authored by "Columbo" and "Mission: Impossible" writer Howard Berk.

Available on Amazon, numerous other sites and in retail book stores, "TimeLock 2" is the second in a series of action and sci-fi novels set a dozen or so years in the future. In the original "TimeLock" (now a finalist for a Cygnus Sci-Fi Book Award), 23 year-old Morgan Eberly is wrongly convicted of murder and becomes among the first to be processed through TimeLock, a genetic acceleration process in which prisoners are instantly aged the number of years of their sentence. 

After managing to escape halfway through his 40 year-processing, Morgan must cope with suddenly being middle-aged and on the run from the authorities, all while trying to learn the truth behind the deadly TimeLock program with the help of FBI agent Janine Price.

Set two years after the first novel, "TimeLock2: The Kyoto Conspiracy" finds Morgan and Janine rushing to Japan to save the lives of their closest friends, Dr. Louis Garrett and Kiyoko Garrett, both of whom have been kidnapped on orders from President Myra Winters in order to force the noted geneticist to develop a weaponized version of TimeLock that will give the U.S. the best possible advantage against enemy combatants.

This is a great read and continuation of Time Lock. This story is filled with suspense! 

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