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Zurvita Releases Horchata Flavored Nutritional Drink for Hispanic Heritage Month


Zurvita’s Zeal All-in-One Nutritional Drink Now Available in Delicious Horchata Flavor

The traditional Latino drink flavor is available in time for Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond

Irving, TX – (October 7th, 2023): Zurvita announces a special Horchata flavor addition to their flagship line of Zeal, an award-winning drink mix packed with whole food nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods. 

"Introducing this new flavor is a resounding tribute to our rich Latino culture. Within our ever-growing community of thousands of Customers and Consultants of Hispanic heritage, we cherish the essence of our roots. Moreover, as we acknowledge the profound love that Latinos have for their traditions, especially as we approach the festive Holiday season, we wholeheartedly embrace the values of tradition, family, and above all, the precious gift of health." - Ideneth Vega

The Horchata flavor is the same power-packed Zeal formula, is vegan and gluten-free, and has a delicious flavor that is slightly creamy and sweet with a taste of cinnamon all with just. Each Zeal drink mix includes over 56 whole food nutrients containing over 120 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants - a natural source of clean energy that provides consistent, stable, long-lasting energy throughout the day. In addition to Horchata, the low-calorie drink mix now comes in tasty Wild Berry, Tropic Dream, Mango, and Grape flavors, the original Classic formula, with vegan and gluten-free options. 

"Horchata is experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity, emerging as a highly sought-after flavor not only in beverages but also in ice cream and functional foods," says Dr. Scott Vanlue, Chairman of the Zurvita Scientific Advisory Board. "Zeal Horchata is the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing beverage that not only invigorates your day but also provides a substantial dose of essential nutrients and goodness."

 A clinical trial proved that over 28 days of drinking Zeal twice daily: 

  • 85% of people felt better and saw an increase in vigor and better overall mood 
  • Fatigue was down 10%, 
  • Anger was down 9%
  • Anxiety was down 11%  

Zurvita fortifies functional food ingredients with specific active compounds that deliver key benefits and various health benefits. Fortified functional food ingredients in Zeal include Stabilized Rice Bran, which contains 100 antioxidants and is composed of balanced nutrients such as oils, fibers, proteins, and other micronutrients. Zeal ingredient Gamma Oryzano’s nutritional elements have been found to provide a range of health benefits related to overall cardiovascular health, cholesterol management, immune function, antioxidant activity, blood glucose control, weight management, skin protection, and maintenance, and may also positively support cognitive function.

This sustainable, premium nutritional energy drink mix is available in convenient, on-the-go stick packs and 30-serving canisters. Visit to learn more.


About Zurvita

Zurvita is a company led by faith with the mission to empower people to believe in themselves and take control of their health and happiness. Zurvita brings families effective health and wellness products from the most potent and nourishing ingredients and superfoods. These award-winning natural wellness products include the Zeal for Life all-in-one nutritional drink, a weight management system, performance products, and now Zundora, a brand-new antioxidant collagen blend for that healthy glow and youthful look. All Zurvita wellness products are developed through extensive work with physicians, scientists, and researchers to create meaningful change in one's health. Zurvita’s philanthropic endeavors include Zurvita Giving and Zeal for Meals, a program committed to the fight against world hunger by providing one million meals to hungry families by donating three meals for every Zeal Canister sold. For more information, visit