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Boy Band Icons Lend Their Voices, Support + Creativity to STATION LITTLE (new children's YouTube music platform)

 Here’s some exciting Entertainment news that many parents will enjoy learning about. I know the Boy Band moms will especially love this !

Children’s Educational Music Platform Station Little Launches with Help from Lance Bass, AJ McLean, and Pop’s Biggest Names 

Original animated music videos performed by boy band icons, country music crooners, pop legends, new artists, and more help children, parents, and educators understand the power of song

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Los Angeles, CA - November 6, 2023 - Station Little,  the leading original animated music video platform for educational children’s music, announced their Holiday and end-of-year programming slate, which includes catchy, fun teachable collaborations with *NSYNC’s Lance Bass’s “Perfect This Way,” Backstreet Boys AJ McLean “Go Outside,” country star Coffey Anderson's “Work Real Hard”, "Holiday Season” with Stefan Benz and No Lonely Hearts “My Hero” which is a heartwarming anthem, dedicated to healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, educators, and parents. The heart and soul of Station Little are co-creators Jordan Omley, Louis Biancaniello, and Suzie Ali Omley, who are passionate about using the gift of song to create a body of work that will make a difference in the hearts and minds of each child listening. Station Little has an exciting start to 2024 planned with new collaborations with DJ James Kennedy and Ally Lewber of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

Jordan Omley, Station Little Co-Creator and Songwriter, shares, "As a parent and uncle myself, I have always paid close attention to what kids consume online. Specifically, YouTube, so much of what kids ingest are just empty creative calories. Bright cartoons with no educational value and unenjoyable music for parents to have on in the background. That was the north star for Station Little. We set out to make amazing music set to beautiful animation, always filled with an important, character-building life lesson."

Through strategic partnerships with brands like Season of Sundaywho recently collaborated on a capsule collection of t-shirts and hoodies for children and adults based on Lance Bass’s “Perfect This Way” to beautifully illustrated picture books for parents and children to enjoy together. Station Littlehas something for every family member to enjoy and participate in.  In addition to the platform’s list of musical collaborations, legendary music manager and industry executive Johnny Wright was so inspired by Station Little’s mission when client AJ McLean recorded his song for the “Go Outside” video that Wright became an investor and consultant. Sharing that “Station Little is more than just music, animation, and catchy lyrics. Station Little is a movement dedicated to improving children's education everywhere.”

Suzie Ali Omley, Station Little Co-Creator and Director of Animation, shares, “As content creators, we have a responsibility to create something that provides value to a child's life and educational development. We also owe it to the parents to have the songs sung by Backstreet Boys and *NSYNCmembers!"

Louis Biancaniello, Station Little Co-Creator and Music Producer, shares, “Listening to music with our children is such a joy. We set out to make a series that is fun for both parents and children to sing and dance along with.

Music Industry veterans Omley and Biancaniello have a combined 200 million-plus albums sold under their belts, along with over 25 number-one songs worldwide. Ali Omley, who spearheads the animation process, comes from a young adult digital content background emphasizing series development. All three have united with a shared belief that music can and should inspire people to grow, learn, and live. 

For animated episodes, music videos, and digital coloring books, please visit Station Little on YouTube at and Station Little on TikTokand Instagram at @stationlittle.


AJ McLean   

                        Lance Bass                          

Station Little’s newest video, “My Hero,” performed by No Lonely Hearts, is available today and currently playing on Station Little’s YouTube Channel; please click here to watch

About Station Little 

Station Little is an educational entertainment brand dedicated to developing children's learning through the power of music and animation. The original songs created by Jordan Omley and Louis Biancaniello and animated by co-creator Suzie Ali Omley are made for kids to sing, dance, and read along to, each with a valuable and learnable life lesson baked into each song. We believe that when it’s time to play, it can also be time to learn! We provide a safe, fun, and educational space online for kids, parents, schools, and daycare centers alike to visit each day. 2024 will see the launch of the Station Little Music Foundation, which will focus on sustaining and bringing music education to schools nationwide.