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Franzese Announces Artisan Frappe Mixes and Exclusive Spiced Chai NORDSTROM Collaboration

Franzese Announces a Bold Rebrand and Direct-to-Consumer Launch: A New Chapter in Gourmet Excellence

Novi, Michigan — November 21, 2023 —Franzese, a brand celebrated for bringing the authentic flavors of old-world gourmet to American homes, is proud to announce a significant rebrand and launch its new direct-to-consumer website. This strategic evolution is designed to meet the growing needs of culinary enthusiasts nationwide, who seek the quality and authenticity that Franzese has become known for.

I was sent some of Franzese’s line to try out and I am extremely impressed. The quality and taste of their frappe mixes, chai and Nordstrom espresso are extremely premium and delicious. I can not wait to entertain my family this Christmas with all of their products. It’s so wonderful to have these frappe mixes especially as I usually spend a fortune at the coffee shop on them.  Now I can easily make my own for a fraction of the cost and they taste better too.  The mixes are so simple to use, just add milk and ice and blend.  

As for their chai, it can be served hot or frappe style. These products  are available in  varieties of 20 Oz. Bags and 10 Oz. Tins.  They make great gifts too! Add a few to a gift basket for your favorite host or hostess.

Check out their holiday bundles for easy gift giving ideas! 

The Rebirth of Elegance: Franzese’s Rebrand and New Product Line 

Embracing a future that honors its rich heritage, Franzese unveils elegantly redesigned packaging, a visual nod to its customers' sophistication and discerning tastes. The rebrand coincides with introducing an expanded product line, featuring artisan Java and Vanilla Frappe Mixes. Additionally, Franzese is pleased to offer sustainable refill bags for their cherished gifting tins, reaffirming their commitment to quality and environmental consciousness.

A Signature Blend: Exclusive Spiced Chai for Nordstrom
In a renewed collaboration with Nordstrom, Franzese has crafted an exclusive Spiced Chai blend representing both brands' shared values and excellence. This partnership further cements Franzese's position in the gourmet food retailing space and offers a unique taste experience for Nordstrom customers. Strengthening the partnership, Franzese now features Nordstrom's debut Spiced Chai blend on its new website, a first for Nordstrom outside its stores. This collaboration enhances Franzese's commitment to bringing unique and premium gourmet experiences directly to customers.

Unveiling Convenience: The All-New D2C Franzese Website 

Franzese's new direct-to-consumer platform marks a milestone in making premium gourmet products more accessible. The website invites visitors to explore a selection of carefully curated gift bundles and to participate in a subscription program that promises a continuous supply of Franzese's finest offerings. 

A Toast to Tradition: Culinary Collaboration with Grand Brulot

Looking forward to the New Year, Franzese is excited to introduce a culinary collaboration with Grand Brulot, the esteemed French spirit known for its exquisite VSOP cognac blended with premium espresso coffee. This venture celebrates traditional artisanal techniques and the creation of new gourmet experiences that will be shared on Franzese's blog and at dining tables. 

"We're on a mission to empower our customers to create exceptional beverages and desserts with quality ingredients—right in their kitchens," said Co-Founders Paolo and Christina Franzese. "It's about embracing the old-world tradition of taking time to craft something by hand, ensuring a result that's not just consumed, but savored." 

Francisco Tonarely, Co-founder, President & CEO of Grand Brulot, adds, “The moment Franzese introduced the idea of collaborating, it was clear that this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Grand Brulot’s 200-year-old tradition of authenticity and taste is a natural fit with the gourmet excellence Franzese represents.” 

Discover the refined world of Franzese and indulge in the redefined gourmet experience at

About Franzese:
Franzese is a beacon of gourmet excellence, offering products that embody the authentic charm of global culinary traditions. With the unveiling of its rebrand and new direct-to-consumer offerings, Franzese continues to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary convenience. For more information, please visit our online gourmet haven at