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Give the Gift of the Gospel and Help Those in Need


This Christmas, give the gift of the Gospel.

I received a catalog from ANM and there are wonderful and affordable ways that you can help less fortunate people by gifting things like a chicken for $3 that can help a family support itself with fresh eggs, or a nanny goat for $40 that can supply milk.  You can even gift bibles for $10.  Not sure what to gift? Give any amount and the mission will choose your gift to fill critical needs. 

Every gift in the ANM Gift Catalog delivers the love of Jesus in practical ways. You can give a new Christian their very first Bible, provide a child with the first pair of shoes that truly fit, supply livestock and years of reliable food for a family, or purchase a bicycle for a pastor who walks miles daily. Are you ready to give the gift of the Gospel?

Everyone needs to hear the Gospel message, but some have never had the chance. The Gift Catalog contains more than 20 gifts that have an eternal impact.

As you choose gifts, pray for hearts to be transformed, for new believers, for children, for people reading the Bible for the first time, and for missionaries delivering these gifts and the Gospel message.

"Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God." – Acts 10:4

Check out the online catalog and Free coloring book download available at 

An Unusual Day at Grandma and Granddaddy's House tells the story of four young kids who learned about generosity through a workday at their grandparents' house, where they earned money to buy gifts from the Gift Catalog for people in need.