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Swap Out Whiskey for Tequila in these Classic Holiday Cocktails


If you are a fan of tequila and haven’t yet tried PaQuí—you are in for a treat.  PaQuí Tequila is home to the smoothest award-winning tequilas. The brand has worked closely with a world-renowned Master Distiller who invented a proprietary process that others cannot mimic. The meticulous and precise process is designed to bring out the most pleasing aromas and delicious flavors of the agave fruit. These holiday cocktails made with PaQuí Tequila will surely impress.  

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate Warm cinnamon and cayenne set Mexican Hot Chocolate apart from its traditional counterpart, so it just seems right to add a little more of a kick with our Silvera

Egg Nog CocktailTraditional eggnog recipes use rum, brandy, or bourbon. PaQuí Añejo keeps the rich, silky oak taste you’d find in those spirits, with a burst of agave to give this classic holiday drink a Latin flare.

Blood Orange Tequila Hot Toddy:  Sweet, smooth, and festive, this warm tequila drink is a celebration for your taste buds.  Swapping the traditional whiskey for smooth tequila from PaQuí, this blood orange hot toddy is the perfect beverage to curl up with on a cold winter’s night.

PaQuí Revolver:  A relatively recent cocktail, the Revolver earned its place in San Francisco where the theatrics of the flamed orange twist caused quite the stir. With sweet notes of chocolate, bright aromas of citrus, and calming earthy tones of coffee, the PaQuí Revolver is a perfect after-dinner or dessert drink designed to delight your senses.

Classic Añejo Old Fashioned: A pre-prohibition style Añejo Old Fashioned, this vintage cocktail follows a classic formula that has been around for over 200 years. Traditionally known as a whiskey cocktail, we've substituted PaQuí for an unforgettable flavor profile.