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Tamagotchi Uni Tops Holiday Toy Lists

After an incredibly successful launch event in New York this past June with Global Ambassador Charli D’Amelio, the newest member of the Tamagotchi family,Tamagotchi Uni (Affilate link*) has been taking the toy world by storm!

*This post contains Amazon Affilate links. As an Amazon associate I received a small incentive for purchase is made using my link. 

The new Tamagotchi Uni connects to WiFi and is the only Tamagotchi device that has access to the Tamaverse, a place where your Tamagotchi can go to connect with other players, travel, date, shop, and more! It’s sure to be THE gift of the season.

Tamagotchi Uni is Wi-Fi enabled , rechargeable and wearable. Wear your Tamagotchi Uni on your wrist and take it along with you! It’s so fun! I can remember the original Tamagotchi and wow has it evolved and expanded. You can now even have more fun with your Tamagotchi in the Tamaverse where you can play mini games, attend Tama parties, check out Tama Fashion and even travel within the Tamaverse for even more fun. 

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