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Aronia Berries Offer Consumers Reliable Supply of Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients


As Cold and Flu Season Approaches, Aronia Berries Offer Consumers Reliable Supply of Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients  


FARGO, ND (NOVEMBER 2023) Cold and flu season is about to hit its peak, according to the CDC,[1] so there’s no better time to keep seasonal sickness away by boosting the immune system. Antioxidants serve as an important and effective way of keeping robust immunity, as they enhance resistance against infectious microbes like bacteria, viruses, and parasites.[2] Sources of antioxidants don’t come much stronger than aronia berries, which have one of the highest ORAC values (antioxidant capacities) of any commercially available berry, and American Aronia Accelerator (A3) cultivates aronia ingredients for maximized potency. Processed on a condensed supply chain in North Dakota and the surrounding areas, A3’s aronia berries arrive at product formulators at an accelerated rate that reduces the time from harvest to implementation in food, beverage, and nutraceutical products. 


“Getting one’s antioxidants is important as cold and flu season returns, and aronia berries are the most immune boosting berry available,” said A3 founder Blake Johnson. “A3 is proud to bring product manufacturers aronia ingredients through a fast, reliable system that upholds their rich nutritional properties.” 


The American supply chain continues to be on the mend, making minimizing food safety a significant concern for perishable foods. As one of the most antioxidant-rich berries available, preserving aronia berries’ nutrients is a must for formulators seeking the highest quality ingredients. A3’s aronia berries are processed in North Dakota and the surrounding Midwestern states, the same region in which aronia berries are cultivated. A3 serves as a business network throughout the region, ensuring American-grown aronia berries have a fast track from the farm to healthy products. 


Immune boosting products that have used A3 aronia berries include American Aronia Nutrition’s Aronia Superberry gummies, one serving of which contains antioxidants like 250% daily value for Vitamin D, 90% daily value for Vitamin C, and a 60% daily value for Zinc. Currently, other brands are implementing A3 ingredients in new products, to be announced in 2024. 


“A3’s aronia berries bring robust immune support to foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals, and we look forward to serving as a reliable supplier of ingredients to formulators in the coming year,” said Johnson. 


For ingredient inquires, contact A3 CEO Blake Johnson at American Aronia Accelerator, A3, at


About American Aronia Accelerator (A3) 


Since 2009, American Aronia Accelerator (A3) has served as a network of farmers and suppliers of natural products derived from aronia berry, providing food, beverage, and supplement formulators with aronia ingredients in powder, juice, and extract formats. With producers located in 12 American states and one Canadian province, A3 produces approximately 200,000 aronia plantings annually and its ingredients are rigorously tested batch to batch for organoleptic properties, microbiological controls, heavy metals, and polyphenol levels. Full data analysis available on request.

A3's notable executive team includes Founder & CEO Blake Johnson, an engineer by trade and an entrepreneur by passion who brought the first U.S. Aronia berry enriched beverage to market, ax-water; Grant Ferrier, the Founder of Nutrition Capital Network (NCN), an organization that connects investors with early-stage companies and technology in the nutrition and health and wellness industry; and Gillian Christie, founder and CEO of Christie & Co (www., who's been helping ethical companies grow for more than 30 years through innovative, integrated campaigns.

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