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Discover New Christian Books with FREE 10 Day Trial of Holy Reads App


Discovering new Christian books just got easier thanks to the Holy Reads app. There are many different categories including Bible studies, Marriage, Theology, Teens, Inspiration and Encouragement and so many more. 

I really enjoyed how easy it was to navigate the app and was impressed with all of the categories and books to choose from. It was like having my own personal Christian library at my fingertips at all times.

Find books from your favorite authors. You get a 20 minute summary or the bet parts of the book.  You can always go back and read the ones that really stood out to you.  It’s such a cool idea for those of us with too many great books to read and so little time.  The summaries are available in audio, video and written format. 

Start your 10 day free trail of the app at : 

This makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves to read Christian books or is looking for some encouragement or enlightenment.

More About the App

How did the Holy Reads app come about?

The idea of Holy Reads was conceived by Michael Yurchuk in2018. Michael, who is a Christian entrepreneur and former pastor, lives in Ukraine. And he was led by the Holy Spirit to see the need for a book summary service dedicated to Christian books.

What does the Holy Reads app provide?

The Holy Reads app launched in December of 2022. Holy Reads currently has over 1,000 book summaries of bestselling Christian books and spiritual classics, and new summaries are added every week.

Each book summary can be ready in 20 minutes or less. And every summary comes in three formats: text, audiobook, and video.

The app allows you to personalize written summaries,including highlighting, underlining, and note-taking within each summary. You can also send excerpts of summaries to friends and contacts directly from the app.

Audiobook forms of the summaries are high-quality recordings by top voice talents. The animated video summaries present content visually so that you grasp the main ideas of a book quickly and easily and remember these ideas later.

Other features include a daily devotional, curated lists of books on popular topics, and small group packets you can use for focused discussions in Sunday school or home groups.

What kinds of books does the Holy Reads app summarize?

The Holy Reads app summarizes books from the whole range of Christian publishing. Holy Reads provides you with summaries in 23 different categories. These include topics related to spiritual growth, discipleship,Bible studies, and prayer. You’ll find categories that deal directly with practical life issues such as marriage, parenting, and personal finances. HolyReads has categories for men, women, and teens and has categories on theology,apologetics, church history, and society and culture as well. In short, there’s no aspect of the Christian life that Holy Reads doesn’t directly address.

What does the Holy Reads app stand for in terms of faith and doctrines?

Holy Reads stands within the stream of historic Christianity, especially as it is represented in modern Evangelicalism. Thus,you can trust that all viewpoints shared on the Holy Reads app have been vetted to exclude non-biblical teachings that would compromise the gospel message or other essential doctrines of the Christian faith.

How does Holy Reads ensure the quality and accuracy ofthe summaries?

All the summaries are produced by talented Christian writers. Most of the writers have advanced degrees in Bible and theology and years of ministry experience. Each summary is fact-checked by Christian scholars with PhDs. None of Holy Reads’ summaries are written by AI.

Each summary is crafted to be a faithful reflection of the main ideas of the book it summarizes. The writing style of all the summaries is clear and jargon-free.

How much does a Holy Reads subscription cost?

Those new to Holy Reads can take advantage of a 10-day FREE trial to all features of the app. Thereafter, a one-month subscription to Holy Reads costs only $4.99. And a one-year subscription runs the low price of $49.99 – a savings of almost 17%.

Moreover, $1 out of every $4.99 goes directly to supporting the women and children in Ukraine who are refugees of the Ukraine-Russia war.


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