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Exceptionally Delicious and Easy Cocktail and Mocktail Recipes

Happy holidays! Here are some books for post-holiday shopping sprees! These books and decks have easy-to-follow recipes that will delight your guests.

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission from Amazon for purchases made using my link.

The Spirit of Cognac: Three Centuries at Rémy Martin, written by Thomas Laurenceau and photographs by Harry Gruyaert celebrates the brand’s tercentenary and Rémy Martin’s fascinating story. Readers will discover the history, savoir faire, and traditions of one of the most extraordinary spirit brands in the world. Make the Rémy Ginger Centaur, Sidecar, Alliance, and Fleurissimo. Then, learn the art of pairing contrasting and complementary flavors. There are pairing menus to guide the reader from appetizers to the main course, from cheese to dessert. It's a perfect gift for cognac enthusiasts or hosts looking for exceptional cocktails to serve.

Juniperlooza: Gin-soaked Cocktails and Concoctions by Elouise Anders distills the best of gin cocktails, featuring 60 recipes for any mood, whether you'd like to get effervescent with a Rosewater Fizz, sip on an Aviation, or infuse gin with botanicals. With recipes for every palette, get ready to shake, mix, and stir your way through the world of juniper. Whether you prefer the humble Gin and Tonic, the iconic French 75, or more modern creations like the Honeysuckle Sour, gin is the foundation of some truly great libations. Without it, we wouldn't have the Martini, the Tom Collins, or the Negroni. 


Gatsby's Greatest Party Set: Everything You Need to Create Your Own Rip-roaring 20s Party by Julia Murray contains recipes for cocktails and sweet and savory food, as well as ideas for invitations, venues, fashion, place settings, decorations, conversation starters, dance how-tos, party games, and iconic quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic. 


Botanical Cocktail Deck of Cards: 50 Recipe Cards Inspired by Nature by Elouise Anders contains recipes that use the best of what nature has to offer—fruit, herbs, and flowers—to make magical cocktails that will impress visitors. With recipes to infuse your botanical spirits at home, as well as twists on classics like a Marigold Margarita, a Pisco Apple Sour, or a Lime Basil Smash, this deck will have you bringing out the drinks trolley for any occasion. 


Nixology: Low-to-no Alcohol Cocktails by Elouise Anders. It is for anyone looking to drink less, to leave alcohol permanently on the shelf, or to wake up a little less hung over on Sunday, shake and stir up your next party with Nixology. With classics like the Martini, Negroni, and Cosmo, and new creations like a Springtime Fizz, Sparkling Melon Sangria, and Juniper & Tonic, Nixology is full of flavor recipes instead of alcohol. Whip up single cocktails, batches to share, or low-ABV drinks for a tiny buzz. 

I received samples of these books and cards and they are such great additions to my bar! I love being able to show them to my guests and letting them choose which cocktails or mocktails they want to try and I love exploring them myself!