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Introducing Pinole Chips by Bob’s Natural


Introducing Pinole Chips by Bob’s Natural

Snack Fuel in the Form of a Healthier, Tastier, and Protein-Packed Tortilla Chip   


CHARLOTTE, NC (DECEMBER 2023)  Protein is dominating the snack sector and health-conscious consumers are choosing snacks with high protein levels and more nutritionally-balanced ingredients. However, according to Bakery & Snacks[1], taste is what ultimately determines the repeated purchase of these products. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find products that don’t sacrifice flavor for health. Bob’s Natural has introduced its all-new Pinole Chips to fill this void in the snacking category. Featuring the super-power of Pinole (an organic corn treated with lime), chia seeds, and dates, these delicious chips are packed with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving, making them the ultimate Snack Fuel™.  While most protein-infused products include whey (which contains dairy), Pinole Chips are dairy free yet still deliver a high source of fiber. Available in traditionalchili lime, and BBQ flavors, they’re delectable on their own or paired with dips, salsas, and spreads.


The Founder of Bob’s Natural, Bob Gruder set out to develop the perfect snack, which could be enjoyed every day. His Pinole Chips are based on a recipe from the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougallwhich documents the lives of the Tarahumara Indians who ate pinole as a staple. Just two ounces of pinole provides 7 grams of fiber, 40 grams of complex carbohydrates, and 100 milligrams of the antioxidant anthocyanins[2]. To craft the perfect tortilla chip, both in taste and nutritional density, Gruder blended pinole with brown rice protein, chia seeds, Masa Harina, and dates. The result is a tortilla chip with a hint of natural sweetness and packed with nutrients like B and K vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium. 


Pinole is an ancient grain mixture and superfood used by Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians as sustenance for long-distance running. The pinole is a slow-burning fuel source, and it is treated with lime (the mineral, not the citrus fruit), which aids with digestion.


“The Tarahumara tribe have incredible health, mental drive, and stamina. It is not uncommon for them to run 50-100 miles each day,” says Gruder. “I believe part of the secret to their success is nutrition. My goal is to expand the options for healthy snacks that also taste great. Our Pinole Chips offer a dense source of incredible nutrients that are an easily digestible food that won’t leave you with a sugar crash.” 


From athletes seeking the best quality carbs for pre-workout calories, to moms in need of a healthy snack to slip into their kids’ lunchboxes, to on-the-go students and commuters that want a tasty snack with added nutritional value, Bob’s Natural Pinole Chips are Snack Fuel™ for any occasion.


Bob’s Natural’s Traditional Pinole Chip adds a slight sweetness to the traditional tortilla chip, while Chili Lime and BBQ Pinole Chips satisfy those craving a kick with a zesty mix of spice and sweetness. Bob’s Natural chips are gluten free and non-GMO verified.


Dedicated to improving the health of others and paying respect to the culture that inspired its chips, Bob’s Natural dedicates a portion of its profits to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital.


About Bob’s Natural


Bob’s Natural has perfected the tortilla chip. It’s line of healthy and tasty Pinole Chips, feature Pinole, whose main ingredient is Masa Harina (an organic corn-treated with lime), chia seeds, and dates. Bob’s Natural chips are certified 100% all-natural ingredients, non-GMO verified, and gluten-free. Bob’s Natural is committed to bringing tasty and healthy snacks to the masses. Their Pinole Chips are Snack Fuel™, offering 10g of protein and 5g of fiber per serving.  To share its success with those less fortunate, Bob’s Natural Foods donates a portion of its profits to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital.


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