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Must Have Travel Essentials for The Season

Tis the season for escaping the cold weather, and I have a few great travel essentials that make great stocking stuffers or gifts!  

heat it

heat it, the innovative, smartphone-powered insect bite gadget that’s taken Europe by storm, is finally available in the US.

This is such a great gadget to keep on my key ring or in my travel bag.  I hate mosquito bites and having the heat it is a great solution to nip those bites in the bud when they start to flare up or itch. I love that it doesn’t require batteries and has a child mode. It’s drug free and so simple to use.

Insects bring with them the itchy, painful bites that can put a quick end to your next vacation. Staying inside is not the solution, but heat it, the high-tech solution, battery-free, itch relief device designed by German engineers, IS!

With more than 500,000 satisfied customers, top scores on Amazon, Google Play, and the App Store, the heat it insect bite healer offers immediate, long-lasting relief from itching and pain caused by bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horseflies, and more. Simply plug heat it into your phone, place it on your bite, and say goodbye to swelling and itching forever! Provides concentrated heat (124° F) that’s medically proven to relieve itching and pain from bites and stings!
Compatible with Android or Apple - intuitive app customizes treatment options and tells you when you’re done! 

  • Lightweight device attaches easily to any keychain so it’s always on hand! 
  • Cell phone-powered heat – no batteries required! 
  • All-natural, chemical-free relief! 
  • Available at Amazon and REI! 
  • Safe for ages 4+ 

As we wear masks to protect our faces from germs, CDC recommends to protect your feet, too.

It’s become a way of life to wear a mask to protect our face from germs in high risk areas or hospitals. Now it’s time to protect our feet, too. The CDC recommends wearing shoeswhen possible, in public showers, locker rooms, camp sites, dorms, college bathrooms or any public place where germs lurk.  

I will not go into a public shower or pool without protection on my feet and if you’ve ever had a plantar wart, you won’t either.  The features I love about these stylish footwear is that they are antimicrobial, have a really strong non slip bottom and that they have the water draining holes that allow the flops to dry quickly.


Showaflops (pronounced “Showa’flops” with a New York accent) offers a variety of sandals with unique drainage holes to help allow air and water to pass through to aerate the soles and prevent water build-up. This in turn may help protect feet against mold, fungus and bacteria on floors. 


The idea of Showaflops came to Evelyn Bernfeld while touring college dorms with her daughter and noticing the conditions of the common areas.


“As a long-time germaphobe, I was forward thinking in addressing the issues one faces in public showers or walking in public places,” said BernfeldShowaflops CEO and CMO. “With people starting to travel again in public hotel showers, summer camps re-opening, and the re-opening of gyms, we hope protective footwear becomes just as important as protective face coverings.”


Other Showaflops features include:

Slip resistant soles for even the most slippery surfaces. 
Antimicrobials to help prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria from floors onto your feet or gym bag.
Quick drying capabilities contributed to its unique drainage features.


Showaflops prides itself on its great assortment of styles and latest fashion trends. What started as a niche showa' shoe has become a high quality, comfort-oriented staple for lifestyle footwear that can be worn all day. Showaflops, which is available in over 50 options, caters to women, men, boys and girls. For more information and to order, visit



Travelers can’t control flight delays and cancellations, inedible meals, or unruly passengers on board. But they CAN control the cleanliness of their seat, thanks to the Travel Essentials Bundle from PlaneAire.

Here is a brand that I have promoted on a few occasions over the years and I think they are a smart must have for airplane, train, hotel etc. I love the scents and the bundles are a great buy.

The Travel Essentials Bundle goes beyond the quick trash pick-up conducted between flights to actually cleanse and sanitize your space on the plane (or the train, car, restaurant table, doctor’s office waiting room…). Handcrafted with 99% plant-based ingredients and no added alcohol or ammonia, this vegan, cruelty-free set is proven to leave surfaces hygienically clean and includes:

1. PlaneAire® Clean Surface & Air Mist – Start by spraying this on-the-go surface cleaner and air mist directly on your seat, armrests, headrest, seatbelt buckle, tray table, and overhead vents to sanitize. Then spray spritz the air around your seat and take a deep breath as a signature blend of peppermint, lemon, oregano, rosemary, thyme and lavender freshens and deodorizes your space. Comes in a TSA-compliant 2 0z. bottle perfect for your carry-on bag.

2. PlaneAire® Wipes Box – Featuring a proprietary blend of essential oils, inner leaf aloe vera, and other plant-derived ingredients proven to leave surfaces hygienically clean, these handy wipes are perfect for cleansing frequently-touched surfaces. Box includes 12 individually wrapped wipes.

3. PlaneAire® Hands Hand Sanitizer Blend – Keep hands fresh and clean with your choice of 10 signature blend hand sanitizers made of premium, nourishing ingredients including green tea extract, soothing aloe vera, hydrating glycerin, vibrant essential oils, and more. Options include a luxurious Pomegranate Basil lotion sanitizer, a limited-edition Sandalwood spray sanitizer, and eight moisturizing sanitizer gels, all proven to kill 99.99% of common germs.