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Wedding Trends For 2024: Classy, Fun & Practical Translucent Tents For "Weathering" Outdoor Wintertime Weddings


Clear Top and Luma Top Tents by InTENTional Systems Take the Cake for Breathtaking Outdoor Weddings


These popular translucent tents are beloved by brides and recommended by wedding planners. A leading tent manufacturer and esteemed rental distributor share the reasons why.

BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK (DECEMBER, 2023) – The tent industry has an abundance of creative solutions that allow couples to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors without the stress of Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather patterns. From tents draped in enchanting string lights to elegant structures with dazzling chandeliers, a gorgeous, tented reception will wow guests. According to, clear top tents rank high among the wedding trends for 2023-2024.1

In fact, Farrell’s Big Top Rentals in Pennsylvania was renting so many clear top tents in recent years they had to increase their inventory. These translucent tents allow for the enhanced personalization that couples crave. InTENTional Systems, a wedding tent manufacturer with more than 100 years of expertise, engineers high-quality clear top and luma top tents that allow couples to create the experience that they are envisioning, anywhere.

Translucent tents allow brides and grooms to have a blank canvas that they can personalize down to every last detail. Every tent can be customized with special lighting, florals, and décor to set a truly unique atmosphere.

InTENTional’s clear top and luma top tents lend themselves to any theme, whether it be rustic, romantic, modern, or formal.

Clear top tents are ideal for outdoor weddings as newlyweds can bring natural elements into their wedding while offering protection from weather. A clear top tent allows for a stunning nighttime wedding under the light
of a starry night sky. Luma top tents provide the illumination of a clear top tent, but without the heat effect, making them the perfect option for daytime outdoor weddings.

“Couples find that clear top tents help them achieve the perfect setting for a highly personalized event,” said Carol Lee Cundey, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of InTENTional Systems. “These unique tents allow couplesto weave natural elements into their décor and customize every detail of their special day.”

Event rental companies favor InTENTional Systems’ clear top and luma top tents because they supply high-quality, exceptionally-engineered tents in a timely and affordable manner.

“Our couples love InTENTional’s luma top tents, as they elevate the look of the event, while remaining affordable”, said Susan Farrell, owner of Farrell’s Big Top Rentals. “We’ve been working with InTENTional Systems for decades; they are always willing to go above and beyond to provide exceptional service.”

Learn more about InTENTional Systems’ clear top and luma top wedding tents at

About InTENTional Systems
InTENTional Systems is creating the experience of celebration. The company combines the legacy and expertise of Eureka! tents with exceptional engineering and quality to build America’s leading tent brand. InTENTional Systems specializes in party tents, pole tents, frame tents, keder frames, high-peak frames, canopies, clear span structures, sidewalls/ lighting, and accessories. The company is located in Binghamton, NY. They are bringing
people together, anywhere, through providing proven, state-of-the-art tents that bring possibility to life.

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