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Summer’s Eve Introduces New Spa Daily Intimate Beaty (tm) Wash Line


Summer’s Eve, a leader in feminine body care, has introduced a new Spa line of products for feminine cleansing.  Each product has a gentle scent and is formulated for daily use.  I am especially fond of the Jasmine fragrance of the Renewing Luxurious Wash.  The Spa line includes Wash, Feminine Cleansing Cloths and Intimate Skin Serum. 

Summer’s Eve products are available in major retailers. Available also on Amazon (Affiliate Link. As an Amazon associate, I receive a small incentive when purchase is made using my link)

Learn more:

Elevate your intimate cleansing routine with Summer’s Eve® Spa Wash and Summer’s Eve® Spa Renewing Wash, experience the feeling of Daily Intimate Beauty™. Our creamy, shimmery wash is infused with a calming chamomile fragrance blended with essential oils. Summer’s Eve® Spa Wash gently cleanses, is balanced to match your intimate area’s natural pH range and rinses clean. Indulge in a sense of relaxation and renewal every day. Enhance your intimate care routine with our Spa Serum – specially designed to hydrate, smooth and soften your delicate intimate skin after showering.

  • Product not tested on animals ❤️
  • Scent level as compared to other Summer's Eve® washes