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Beautiful Lingerie from 3 Wishes


Looking for a special gift for the special woman in your life? Mother’s Day is coming soon enough and what better signifies romance and honoring that special person than lingerie? Absolutely nothing, I declare! Let’s inject some excitement into the mix for your special someone.

In the era of seeking validation through social media likes, romantic gestures are becoming increasingly grandiose and consequently less personal. Gone are the days of cozy, simple evenings with the one who sets our hearts aflutter. Or are they?

At 3Wishes, an online retailer specializing in women’s intimate apparel and sexy lingerie, they're turning up the heat and spicing things up a bit. While grand gestures like a skywritten "I love you" or an elaborate pink and red charcuterie board may garner attention online, where is the genuine connection?

A modest bouquet, a thoughtful dinner, and some stunning, heart-pounding lingerie from 3Wishes are truly all you need!

We've seen that some of their most popular styles for gifts include babydolls, chemises and robes

Ladies! Indulge yourself! Check out these popular picks below!

Below are some of 3 Wishes most popular styles. Be sure to check them out and check out all of their other beautiful pieces.



  1. My husband loves lingerie. It's one of the most requested gestures he asks for from me. I'm glad you shared your thoughts on this product.


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