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Beautiful Olive Wood Gifts from Kamsah


I love handcrafted products, and Kamsah makes beautiful olive wood and clay products for the home that will last for generations.  Olive wood is naturally antibacterial and lasts for years. These pieces are strong and durable and match any decor.

If you are looking for unique, quality gifts for any occasion, Kamsah has many wonderful products.

Check out these gorgeous handmade items that I have received to review.  Each piece is absolutely gorgeous and so strong and well made. I’m so in love with this craftsmenship.

Handmade Olive Wood honey Pot Jar with Dipper Spoon


Beautiful Handmade honey Jar with a dipper made of Olive wood.

Made from olive wood with a traditional design, this Jar will help you to perfectly drizzle a light and even amount of delicious honey into your tea or your breakfast/dessert without leaving a mess.

Rather than a spoon, the honey dipper will evenly and consistently spread honey over the top of your pastry. The wood finish effectively waterproofs itself, allowing foods and liquids to easily fall off rather than soak into it.

Olive Wood Sugar Cellar with Spoon


This beautiful olive wood salt/sugar bowl comes with an olive wood spoon. All made from Tunisian olive wood making it decorative and USEFUL for your kitchen.

Olive Wood Wine Bottle and Wine Glasses Holder


This wine bottle and glass holder is designed to fit over the neck of most wine bottles and holds a wine glass at each end. This wine bottle and glass holder makes for a beautiful piece of d├ęcor on counter tops and easy to move while the bottle is carried in one hand. It's a must have wine accessory and a perfect gift for any wine lover.

Large Olive Wood Serving & Cutting Board


A cutting and cheese board are one of the most vital additions you can make to your kitchen. It protects your counters and surfaces, helps you prepare foods more efficiently, and can even add some much-needed charm to your kitchen or dining experience. And nothing does it all quite like a beautiful, handcrafted olive wood serving platter from Forest Decor.

Large olive wood Serving Tray with Ergonomic Handles, (Alhambra Design)


This beautiful handmade serving tray is made from Olive Wood and decorated with hand painted ceramic tile. Dimensions: Length: 13" Width: 9" Height: 2"

About Kamsah

From its founding in 2015 by two brothers from Tunisia, Kamsah’s interior design works have been inspired by the tried and tested traditions of local artisans across the globe. Our original interior design accents aim to offer peace, authenticity and a mindfulness of global responsibility in the home or wherever the journey takes you.

Our brand is new, but our roots are deep. Since the ancient Greeks and Romans first saw the five-fingered hand as a sign of protection almost three thousand years ago, bringing its wearers happiness, peace, and prosperity, the Kamsah symbol has become iconic throughout the Mediterranean and the world. We see it as a symbol of our commitment to match the handcrafted traditions of our artisans with your interior design needs