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Giveaway: Nat Geo Kids Books -5 books for PRESIDENTS DAY (and beyond)


With Presidents Day soon approaching, I have a great selection of books from National Geographic Kids to share with you.  I also have a giveaway below for your chance to win all of these great books filled with history, fun facts, and great photos! These are a must have for history lovers!

Feature Frontlist title:

Weird But True! Know-It-All: U.S. Government

This guide to U.S. politics features surprising stories, hidden history, and clear explanations of how our government works—plus loads of weird but true facts!

Why is the president called the "commander-in-chief"? And did you know that during a filibuster senators can talk about whatever they want? They have read the phone book, a recipe for fried oysters, and even Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss!

In this next WBT Know-It-All, readers dive deep into the U.S. Capitol to uncover everything they need to know about our government—how things get done, who is who, and why things are the way they are.

After reading this book, kids will walk away with a wealth of practical knowledge about our government, including the roles of each branch and how things get done. From the Senate to the Supreme Court and everything in between, readers will learn if a vote in Washington, D.C., really “counts,” how the two-party system got started, how many representatives each state has and why, and more. They’ll also be wowed by a ton of weird but true information, like funny laws in some states—in one, it’s illegal to kill Bigfoot!—how members of Congress ride their own mini-subways under the Capitol, and the surprising secrets of the dollar bill!

Jam-packed with photos, illustrations, fun facts and info, the Weird But True Know-it-all series is the anything-but-boring way to boost your brain!

National Geographic Kids Abraham Lincoln

The most effective method used to influence children to read is to incorporate the information that interests them the most. National Geographic Readers are educational, high-interest, and comprehensive for children. In this title, readers will learn about the fascinating life and legacy of our 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and his historic decision to abolish slavery. Readers will also learn why this decision impacted the United States, as well as the extent of Lincoln's impact as a fearless leader of the Civil War. 

In this level two biography, difficult concepts are made understandable and transitioned into a more approachable manner. This includes the use of sidebars, timetables, diagrams and fun facts to hold the interest of the young reader. The colorful design and educational illustrations round out this text as an exemplary book for their young minds to explore. 

National Geographic Kids 1000 Facts About the White House

Welcome to the White House! Go behind the scenes to get a 360-degree view of America's most famous president’s residence, from how it was built in 1792 and the fire of 1812, to today's state dinners, celebrations, celebrity pets, and more. Discover through 1,000 fun-to-read facts what it's like to live and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the quirky rules of the house and how the Secret Service keeps it safe. Find out how the kids who have lived there play, watch movies, and entertain friends. With a treasure trove of material from the White House Historical Association, this book presents a fascinating story of the building and the many people who have shaped its 225-year history.

National Geographic Kids Alexander Hamilton

Fans of American history and the hit Broadway play are sure to enjoy the true story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in this Level 3 biographical Reader from National Geographic Kids.

Learn all about the revolutionary life of one of America's most popular historic figures. Level 3 text provides accessible yet wide-ranging information for fluent readers. The expert-vetted text, brilliant photos, and fun approach to reading are a winning formula with kids, parents, and educators.

National Geographic Kids Sonia Sotomayor

Explore one of the most recognized names in modern America with this biography of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Kids will learn about her rise to be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice and the trials she faced along the way. The level 3 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging, information for independent readers.

National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.
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To order any of these books, visit the Nat Geo Kids bookstore on Amazon


Enter to win!

One winner will receive a prize pack with all of these wonderful books, from National Geographic Kids.  Open to US 18 and older please. Ends 2/29/24


  1. These books look excellent (as National Geographic books always are) and I know my great-grandsons would enjoy reading about US history and heroes.


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