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Cambio Roasters are Making a Positive Impact


Iwant to tell you about Cambio Roasters a brand blending exceptional coffee with a mission to make a positive impact. Cambio Roasters specializes in the finest small-batch roasted Arabica coffee, encapsulated in 100% recyclable K-cups. Their coffees are delicious and available in a wide variety of blends including:

Special Dark

French roast



House blend

Donut blend



I was sent their Variety Pack which includes all of the blends listed above. There are 27 pods in the variety pack.  I love that they use recycled packaging and that their coffee is fair-trade and 100% organic. Their coffee makes a great gift idea for any coffee connoisseur!

Cambio Roasters aims to reduce the environmental impact of traditional coffee pods, with forty million discarded daily in landfills. Cambio Roasters is committed to offering a sustainable alternative without compromising on taste. You can find out more about their mission here: