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Deddy Bears Are Dead Excited to Meet You


Im so excited! I got a special box from  Deddy Bears®. It is filled with super cool plush toys that are slightly spooky but totally cute.

About Deddy Bears:

With (8) dead cute characters to collect, including Beezlebear, Bones, Bundle, Howler, Spekter, Squash, Vambear, and Zombear, you're in for a treat that's both super squishy and outrageously cool. Perfect for year-round fans of fright who can't resist the allure of the adorable!

4.5" Clip-On Plush: These small bears can clip onto your bag or backpack and come in a mystery foil bag.

5" Plush: These cute and cuddly 5-inch bears come in mini boxes. They're not scary at all, and can't wait to meet you! 

12" Plush: These big plush toys come in a fun zippered 'body bag.'

Each one is unique and ready for cuddles.

Deddy Bears are supernaturally soft and simply amazing plushies, perfect for anyone who cherishes the cute side of the creepy. You can find Deddy Bears making their final rest at your favorite retailers, such as Books A Million, Box Lunch, Claire's, Cracker Barrel, Five Below, GameStop, HEB, Learning Express, and Spencer's. Also available on Amazon (Affiliate link. I receive a small incentive if purchase is made using my link.)

These bears are more than toys; they're your new pals for all your unique adventures. 

Deddy Bears are so unique and adorable. I love the different versions that are available! I also think the little coffin boxed bears are just adorable. These are great for kids and adults.

Follow the hashtags #deddybears, #deddybearsofficial, and#deddybearsarentjustforkids to see all of the excitement!