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Portland-Based Bee-Licious Honey Founders/Beekeepers Travel The World Seeking The Best & Most Carefully-Harvested Honey


Portland-Based Bee-Licious Honey Founders/Beekeepers Travel The World Seeking The Best & Most Carefully-Harvested Honey  

Portland, OR (MARCH 2024) - Bees are crucial to our food system; they pollinate over 80% of all flowering plants,yet each year we see greater colony loss. From April 2022 to April 2023, beekeepers alarmingly experienced an estimated 48.2% loss in bee colonies.

In order to save the bees and our food system, we need knowledgeable bee professionals, like the experts at Bee-Licious Honey, to guide our actions. Jeff Garner and Jennifer Lytle have been beekeeping, educating, advocating, and sourcing some of the best sustainable global honey for over 8 years. 

Jeff and Jennifer are backyard beekeepers and honey bee educators, and they travel the world seeking and sourcing the best and most carefully harvested honey. They are incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to source honey sustainably and what it takes to save the bees.

“Honey is a rare and precious commodity,” said Bee-Licious Founder, Jeff Garner. “It takes 2 million nectar visits from a bee to make one pound of honey.” Respect for the makers of this incredible, delicious, nutritious nature-made sweetener is central to everything Jeff and Jennifer do at Bee-Licious. “Bee-Licious was built on an unwavering belief in the importance of caring for our precious honey bees and pollinators,” said Bee-Licious’ Founder, Jennifer Lytle.  

Bee-Licious Honey is a purveyor and distributor of fine honey from across the globe that sells its international and local honey lines at Beelicious.comThe company is preparing to distribute their premium honey to grocery, wellness, giftables, and food service accounts. Their authentic, high-end honey and extensive industry knowledge also makes Bee-Licious Honey a great fit for product collaborations. 

About Bee-Licious Honey

The experts at Bee-Licious Honey have dedicated their careers to seeking out and sourcing the best honey in the world. Founded by Jeff Garner and Jennifer Lytle, Bee-Licious Honey started as two beekeepers with anunwavering belief in the importance of caring for precious honeybees and pollinators and has become the place to purchase some of the finest honey and bee products from around the world. They source honey of various varietals from diverse locations, including Oregon, Hawaii, Spain, and other countries. Learn about the company at