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Discover Japanese Food and Culture with These Wonderful Books


I love Japanese culture and have always been fascinated by it and by their food. I have two Asian cookbooks and a travel book published by Smith Street Books that are wonderful. They guide me through Tokyo and have wonderful recipes. I think you’d enjoy them if you love Japanese food and culture too.

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Book descriptions

A Day in Tokyo: A Japanese Cookbook by Brendan Liew & Caryn Ng takes you on a delicious food adventure from breakfast to dinner, showcasing Japanese cuisine's diverse tastes and ingredients. Start the day with unbelievably fluffy Funwari Hottokeki, dive into some Tokyo-born Yakisoba Pan for a much-earned midday break and end the night with crunchy and tender Tonkatsu. Capture the delicious flavors of Tokyo at home with 96 recipes and insider tips on where to find the best local eats. A Day in Tokyo is the ultimate book for food and travel enthusiasts.


Rice: 80 Nice Rice Recipes from Asia by Smith Street Books brims with some of Asia's best dishes, from sushi and nam khao to chicken biryani and lo mai gai. Written by chefs who know their rice, these recipes celebrate the all-time classics, from dishes fit for a holiday feast to quick bowls of kimchi fried rice. With recipes from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and beyond, Rice is (almost) as good as a trip across Asia. Start the day with nasi lemak and end it with nigiri. Whip up a bowl of jok or learn to make biko. Sate your cravings, find new favorites, and slurp your way from dawn to dusk with rice.


For those who love to travel, Hidden Japan: A Guidebook to Tokyo and Beyond by Chiara Terzuolo is the ultimate guide to exploring the roads less traveled. Journey through Tokyo and its surrounding cities, uncovering the hidden treasures beneath the well-trodden hustle and bustle of one of the world's most-traveled destinations. From tucked-away bars to quirky vending machines, themed walks to secret tea houses, Hidden Japan is your guide to the art of wandering off the beaten path. With chapters on Nature, Food, History, Art, and Late-Night destinations, Hidden Japan has detailed recommendations for every kind of traveler. Complete with stunning illustrations by Justine Wong, this is a must-read for anyone looking to explore Japan's many hidden marvels