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How to Choose Flattering and Functional Activewear for Different Body Types


It's not possible for everyone to find the perfect sportswear. That’s because everyone has a different size and style preference. The final choice also depends on the body shape. 

However, if can be difficult to find the right clothes for your body type. So, if you are going through this struggle, we are sharing some tips to make your search easier. Also, we will be sharing some good options from Cosmolle as well!

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is known for having healthy proportions, with a clear waist and bust and hip sizes that are about the same. Look for sportswear that cinches at the waist to show off these curves. An attractive shape can be made with empire waistlines or ruching.

When it comes to tops, wrap styles or tanks that fit close to the body will show off your shoulders and bust. Stay away from boxy or loose cuts that can hide your curves. When it comes to bottoms, leggings with a high waist design are perfect. Having said that, Cosmolle has a long sleeve legging set with a high waist design, so your shopping is easier.


Pear Shape

People with a pear shape usually have a smaller upper body and hips and legs that are wider. The goal is to make the look more balanced. Pick tops with styles that make you look up. You can look good in V-necks, scoop necks, and racerbacks. On top, choose light colors or designs. On the bottom, choose darker, solid colors.

When it comes to bottoms, stay away from pants that are too tight around the thighs. Look for best yoga leggings that have straight legs or legs that flare out a bit at the bottom. Cosmolle has such leggings available in separate as well as sets form. 


Apple Shape

People with apple shapes tend to carry more weight around their middle. The goal here should be to make your legs stand out and give you a sleek look. Pick tops with an empire waist or tunics that skim your curves without being too tight. Choose darker colors and stay away from horizontal bands, which can draw attention to your middle.

Leggings with a high waist and a moderate amount of compression are great for bottoms because they support and look good on most body types. Cosmolle has yoga sets available with compression. Also, they use spandex and nylon material that promise great support.


Rectangle Shape

People with rectangular bodies usually have a straight-up-and-down shape with little waist definition. The goal is to make it look like there are curves. For tops, pick styles with ruching, details of ruching, or empire waists that make your waistline stand out. Wrap types and waistbands that are pulled in can also look good.

You should wear high-waisted pants with ruching or panels that make you look like you have an hourglass shape. To make your legs stand out, look for pants with patterns or details in colors that are different on the hips and thighs. For people with straight bodies, skirted pants can also look good. Luckily, you can find some good options at Cosmolle.