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Authentic New Mexican Chile


Hatch Chile Expert Marshall Berg Forms Best in the West Brands ToTake Subsidiary Los Roast & Santa Fe Olé Brands Nationwide

Combined efforts lead to new plant construction, expansion into foodservice, restructures.

(Deming, NM) MAY 2024 – Chiles have become the hottest new ingredient in everything from the usual sauces and salsa to spicy ice creams and beverages. According to 2024 market research, consumers are increasingly seeking products that add overall flavor, cultural experience, and a little bit of heat to their meals.

The New Mexico grown Hatch chile is the ideal product to meet this need. Until now, fresh Hatch chiles have been hard to ship, but Best in the West has found a way for everyone to enjoy these southwest flavors through a proprietary process, new production facility, and decades of experience. 

What started as an identified need to bring the signature flavors of New Mexico to people in Portland, Oregon, has turned into the most advanced farm to final packaging facility in New Mexico. At the very roots of Best in the West sits Los Roast, a shelf-stable product line featuring New Mexico-grown chiles.

Previously separate companies Los Roast and Santa Fe Olé worked together for over 10 years. Through their conversations, both companies had a similar vision for achieving even higher quality product at scale. Marshall Berg formed Best in the West to create this opportunity for the brands and began construction in Deming in 2020. After the first roasting season was completed in 2022, the previous owner of Santa Fe Olé, Jim Wrench passed away suddenly. At this point, Best in the West acquired Santa Fe Olé from Jim’s family. Best in the West had proven its abilities and became the parent company for both Santa Fe Olé and Los Roast brands in late 2023.

Santa Fe Olé, a brand established in 1984 that pioneered roasted green chilein a glass jar. Santa Fe Olé remains at the forefront of innovative and quality New Mexico chile products and boasts a loyal fan base.

Best in the West encompasses both retail brands, with plans for production of a first-ever shelf-stable organic Hatch chileallowing for the impending transition of the Los Roast brand into a completely organic product line.Santa Fe Olé was the original roasted chile in a glass jar, and has continued to make improvements through the decades. This is the next step for Santa Fe Olé’s ladder to quality, never-frozen chile. This advent is responsible for The formation of a new foodservice division distinguished by a proprietary system in their Deming, NM processing facility. The new corporate structure solidifies Best in the West's position as the leader in supplying farm-fresh, shelf-stable New Mexico chiles to the rest of the United States. 

Never before available in the industry, Best in the West's shelf-stable organic Hatch chiles sets a new standard in culinary excellence. Their organic chile products allow manufacturers to craft authentic Hatch chilecreations, confidently expanding their organic offerings. These are the first products in a total transition of the Los Roast brand to organic Hatch chile products. 

All Best in the West Hatch chiles are New Mexico-grown, most on fifth and sixth-generation farms. Best in the West also has plans to produce the only organic Hatch chile product on the market this upcoming season. The company's purpose-built facility utilizes automated processing equipment to achieve authentic products at scale. They can flame roast, peel, dice, purée, and package Hatch chiles and any other variety of pepper. Their process is informed by over a decade of seeking out the best solutions for roasting, storage, and transportation. Best in the West's facility does not process products containing allergens or potential GMO ingredients. 

Best in the West's award-winning chile products include Santa Fe Olé's line of chile sauces: Red chile sauce, extra roasted green chile sauce, late harvest green chile sauce, green chile sauce, and roasted red chile sauce; and Los Roast's chile products: New Mexico green chile lumbre, New Mexico green chile, New Mexico red chile, New Mexico green chile sauce, and New Mexico red chile sauce. Best in the West foodservice products include dicedgreen chilegreen chile salsa — 25 lbs & 1 gallongreen chile salsa — 25 lbs & 1 gallon, roasted red chile — 25 lbs & 1 gallon, red chile purée — 25 lbs & 1 gallon, chipotle in adobo purée all available in 25 lbs and 1 gallon sizes.

The retail products are distributed through and, and in retail stores such as Bristol Farms, Nugget, New Seasons, and PCC. Both brands are distributed nationally by KeHe and UNFI.

Learn more about Best in the West at, Santa Fe Olé at and Los Roast at

For media inquiries or to schedule interviews with Best in the West founder Marshall Berg, please contact Peter Berk at 818-389-7912 and/or

About Best in the West

Best in the West is bringing the authentic flavors of New Mexico from family farm to table. Their authentic New Mexico Hatch chiles are sourced from fifth and sixth-generation family farms in and around the famous Mesilla Valley. Their proprietary roasting and peeling techniques preserve the authentic flavor and heat of the chile before it's diced and packaged. Best in the West is the first company to supply farm-fresh, shelf-stable Hatch chiles of superior quality to restaurants and manufacturers, who can use them to add an authentic, versatile, smoky flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Best in the West’s farm-fresh, packaged Hatch chiles are shelf stable for 18 months and can be delivered from New Mexico to any restaurant or manufacturing facility without a cold chain. Learn more at