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Java is a Socially Conscious Pangolin Toy That Helps Those In Need

Some of you may remember Axol the endangered Axoloti that I introduced to you a couple of months ago. I am thrilled to announce that Axol has a new friend!  

Meet Java! 

Java is Axol's best friend. Java is a Pangolin. These rare animals are unique, with an unusual appearance, incredibly long tongue, and ability to roll into a perfect ball when threatened. Pangolins are nocturnal anteaters. Native to parts of Africa and Asia, the pangolin is a kind-hearted, gentle creature that needs our help!

Sadly, pangolins are the world's most trafficked animal. The pangolin’s biggest threat is poaching by humans, followed by habitat loss. Pangolins are poached and traded more than even elephants and rhinos, and a growing demand for them puts them at great risk of extinction. An estimated 100, 000 are taken from the wild each year.  Their scales are used to make medicine and their meat is a delicacy in some countries.  They need our help!

With each purchase of Java, you are helping a country in need.

Learn how your purchase makes a difference!

You can learn more about Axol and Friends by following them on Social Media:
Instagram: @axolandfriends

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Enter to win a limited edition Java the Pangolin!

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Disclosure:  I received product to review.  Prize will be supplied by sponsor.  Chatty Patty's Place is NOT responsible for lost or misdirected prizes. This giveaway is open to US aged 18 and older.  One winner will be chosen 1/28/19.


  1. I learned how sad it is to be one, how humans can take them away and abuse them by making medicine and eating them.. Has humans not put there hands on anything and nurture it instead of killing it..

  2. I learned that this is a company that is inspired by rare endangered species.


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