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Great Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages From Play Wise

Stocking Stuffers, Gifts for the Dino-Obsessed, Budget-Friendly Holiday Toys:


  • NEW Sonic Vibration Elmo

  • Teaches kids how to brush their teeth right while having fun with music and games. 

  • ADA accredited 

  • BabyShark | GameBrush | sonic vibration Elmo. 

  • Ages 3+ | $19.99 | Walmart, Target, Amazon


  • Unique mashup toy between origami, puzzle, toy, and craft, that promotes STEM principles

  • Fully sustainable - 100% recyclable - and made-in-the-USA 

ToyMonster's Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Clash Edition:

  • Over 30 Pop n Lock Jurassic World Captivz Clash edition dinosaurs in slime eggs. 

  • Ages 3+| $4.99 | Captivz

NEW STEM + Unplugged Toys from LukiLab and Osmo

Pinxies Vet Care

  • This 110-piece STEM building set is designed to inspire storytelling and imaginative exploration, while also offering an educational play experience. 

  • Ages 6+ | $19.99 | Amazon + Luki Lab

Pinxies Fairy Treehouse:

  • STEM authenticated in building an enchanted fairy treehouse, complete with a functional tree swing and slide. 

  • This set features 180 pieces, including Flora, 3 magical creatures, decorative puffy stickers and a two-story treehouse structure.  

  • Ages 6+ | $29.99 | Amazon + Luki Lab

Gujo Adventure Mar’s Hover Ship:

  • STEM authenticated building set 

  • Once built the Hover Ship is 10-inches b 9-inches.

  • Gujo action figure can change between 4 facial expressions to match each exciting moment. 

  • Hover Ship includes rotating rock grinder on the Gujo Adventure Mars Miner to help Gujo search for geologic clues to preexisting life on Mars.

  • Ages 7+ | $24.99 | Amazon + Luki Lab

Gujo Adventure Mar’s Space Explorer;

  • STEM authenticated building set 

  • Perfect building craft to transport important cargo 

  • All the Gujo pieces are interchangeable with other Gujo set

  • Ages 7+ | $29.99 | Amazon + Luki Lab

Submarings by Clawsome!

  • Retro-cool, unplugged STEM authenticated game of skill, speed and science by using science's principle of "Bernoulli's Principle," 

  • Submarings brings an exciting challenge to players of all ages, with no batteries required.  

  • Ages 4+  | $18.99 | Amazon | Luki Lab


  • STEM authenticated building set composed of hundreds of pieces, making for a final assembled height of over 3-feet tall! 

  • Includes: Glowing LED eyes | 8 points of articulation | Audible thunderous roar! 

  • This is a very challenging buildable toy and should be viewed as an integral part of the experience of this toy. 

  • It helps to teach patience and perseverance 

  • Ages 7+ (parent assist) | $59.99 ​

Math Wizards​ Fantastic Food Truck ​from Osmo 

  • Focusing on teaching kids geometry through cooking using different shapes, such as pizza, sushi, sandwiches, pastries and more! 

  • Available for iPad and Fire

  • Ages 6-8 | $59.99 | Osmo | Amazon

NEW Laugh-Out-Loud and Fun Outdoor Games from PlayMonster and PIPFALL 

THINGS… Schitt’s Creek:

  • The hilarious, easy-to-play, party game presents players with provocative and hilarious topics from Schitt’s Creek

  • There are no right or wrong answers. Just a lot of laughs.

  • Ages 14+ | $19.99 | Target, Amazon, Walmart

5 Second Rule Disney Edition

  • Players have to act quick to answer Disney related questions under the pressure of 5 seconds!

    This game is so much fun! Gather the family around and see who can shout out the answers to Disney related questions in under 5 seconds. Sounds easy but under the pressure it is challenging!

  • Ages 6+ | $24.99 | Walmart, Amazon (As an Amazon affiliate when you make a purchase using my link I receive a small incentive)

Ring it On Disney Edition:

  • Race to find matches of Disney characters! 

  • Easy, fast-paced game for kids and families. 

  • Ages 6+ | $14.99 | Amazon 

Relative Insanity + Relative Insanity Expansion Packs

  • Created by Jeff Foxworthy to bring family and friends together for laughs and good times

  • Simple premise involves having the dealer play a set-up card and then having players play punchline cards

  • Expand the fun of Relative Insanity with Relative Insanity Young’uns Old Fart and Yes, Guuurrrlll expansion packs! 

  • it’s a different hilarious game each time you play! Ages 14+ | $9.99-$19.99 | Walmart

25th Anniversary Five Crowns:

  • Award-winning, best-selling rummy-style card game with rotating wild cards

  • Celebrating 25 years of success with sleek, new packaging but the same family fun!  

  • Ages 8+ | $14.99 | Amazon



  • Play with a standard cornhole board, PIPFALL is a new game that adds a twist by swapping bags for PIPFALL dice.

  • Score points by using cancellation scoring, and landing the dice on the board aiming for a higher number of pips (the dots on the dice)

  • Watch out – In PIPFALL, you subtract 3 points for landing a dice in the hole

  • Download the PIPFALL app for score keeping, alternate game rules & more

  • Ages 10+ | $49 | Amazon


Creative Hostess Gift from hudsonest



  • Printed paper napkins with clean, modern designs in rich colors.

  • All designs are limited editions, with new designs coming out four times a year

  • Luxurious color and design add pleasure whether you’re reconnecting with friends and family, or just making the everyday a little nicer. 

  • Starting at $10